BNRist, Department of CS&T, Tsinghua University

My research aims to enrich the visual of photography and videography using computational tools.

Curriculum Vitae (English)(Chinese)


  1. Neural Color Operators for Sequential Image Retouching
    Wang Yili, Li Xin, Xu Kun and 4 more authors
    ECCV 2022, In European Conference on Computer Vision 2022
  2. 2019

    1. An Improved Geometric Approach for Palette-based Image Decomposition and Recoloring
      Wang Yili, Liu Yifan, and Xu Kun
      Pacific Graphics 2019, In Computer Graphics Forum 2019
    2. Two-layer QR codes
      Yuan Tailing, Wang Yili, Xu Kun and 2 more authors
      TIP 2019, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2019